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King Lorde – ‘Nuh Tek Talk’

  • 1 min read

When we first ran into Jamaican-born King Lorde, his animated video for ‘So High’ had just dropped and he was busily running through a slew of famous cartoons, sharing joints with everyone from Fred Flinstone to George Jetson. Now, he’s back with something new, championing his new track ‘Nuh Tek Talk’ with a far less animated video.

Born Adrian Alphanso Crooks in Kingston, Jamaica, King Lorde’s love of world music began at an early age. At just three years old, he migrated to St. James with his family, and from there he studied and grew, taking in a diverse range of influences and sounds. After attending a series of talent shows across his local community of Hartford, it became clear that King Lorde was eager to flaunt his skills.

Taking that confidence and blending it with his unique take on modern Hip-Hop, King Lorde soon began to generate some serious hype. It was a palpable excitement that culminated in 2012’s debut single, ‘If A War’, produced by Mario Cheef Production. Driven on by the success of the single, 2015 saw the release of his first mixtape, ‘The King Has Risen’ which sold over 2000 copies and marked the true beginning of his music career.

Now looking to keep the hype rolling on, King Lorde is back with his new video and track for ‘Nuh Tek Talk’, a brand new cut that carrier on his fresh outlook on modern music. Check it out above via Youtube.

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