An Interview with Sheena-Rae

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Born and based in London, Sheena-Rae is an artist with a true knack for delivering charming slices of soulful pop and smooth, contemporary R&B. Born with a love for the stage, Sheena-Rae developed her sound through a degree in Musical Theatre and studying vocals at the London Centre of Contemporary Music, before going to do a season as a singer in Cyprus. Since then, she’s been on a fast path to global recognition, proving her talents with the release of her brilliant debut EP, ‘Soul-ty Tiers’.

A stunning release that sets Sheena-Rae apart from other modern artists, the EP has become a firm favourite around our offices, and we couldn’t wait to sit down and speak with her about it, along with the release of her upcoming single, ‘Come Alive’.

It’s lovely to meet you, Sheena- Rae. Let’s take it right back, how did you first start making music? Where did it all begin?

“I've been singing my whole life, but when the covid lockdown hit, I spent a lot of my time writing, and I had the idea of creating an EP of four songs and writing and recording it all in my own bedroom. Ever since that release, I haven't stopped writing, and I love to express what I'm going through in life by writing music. I am currently doing a season as a singer out in Cyprus and in my spare time I continue to write so I can record when I am back home.”

You’ve been featured on quite a few websites, and everyone has a new spin on your sound, but how would you describe it?

“My sound gives off a contemporary R&B/pop sound, where I restore the soul of R&B to the modern music landscape. I feel my voice has a pop/R&B tone to it, so R&B and pop is the main genres I sing in.”

What influences most define your music?

“I have been influenced by singers like Kehlani, Beyonce, Ariana Grande, Doja Cat, Nicki Minaj, Little Mix and Tinashe. I enjoy their styles and their music, and I am heavily influenced by these artists in different ways.”

What’s the most important thing for you when you’re writing a song?

“For me, the most important thing is finding the most catchy gripping melody I can find. Having the perfect melody is usually what makes people stay and listen.”

What is your songwriting process? How does it all come together?

“I usually start humming a melody of a potential verse to the beat I have and then coming up with the melody of the chorus. Once I have the main melody, I will write lyrics to it. For me, getting the perfect melody is the most important thing; having that catchy melody is what is needed to bring the song to life, so it usually takes me a while to come up with the perfect one! The lyrics then follow after, and I usually base my lyrics on experiences in my life, and then I would usually exaggerate it for the song's purpose, but most lyrics stay true to my real-life experiences. My absolute favourite part is recording the song and adding all the layers and harmonies and ad-libs and hearing it all come together. It also takes me many times to record the best version.”

Now what we all want to hear, can you tell us about your latest release?

“My latest release out on the 15th of July called 'Come Alive' is a feel-good, clubland dance song which expresses how a special someone makes you feel alive. Simple, yet feel-good message, the layers, harmonies and a catchy hook that is sure to get you dancing and feeling good.”

What’s next for you as an artist?

“As well as dropping this new single 'Come Alive,' I have plans to release more singles afterwards, I plan to film more music videos as well. I want to get myself known more, so I want to perform my original songs and covers at live venues too when I am back in London after my season out here in Cyprus. Singing 6 nights a week in Cyprus has really helped me build my stage presence and strengthened my singing.”

A few last questions if you have time, what has been your greatest moment as an artist so far?

“My greatest moment as an artist so far is firstly releasing my EP last year, which showed the world my ideas and my sound. One of my other greatest moments is appearing on ITV's 'Romeo and Duet,' in Season 1, Episode 6. I got to sing on the show, and it was an all-around amazing experience.”

Is there anything you would like to say to our audience?

“Be sure to listen and watch the music video for my new single 'Come Alive!'”

With ‘Come Alive’ set to drop later this month, there’s never been a better time to get acquainted with her stunning R&B-infused sound. You can check out her breakthrough EP above, and pre-save the upcoming single today on Spotify and Apple Music.

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