Bellah Mae's 'Never Waste A Heartbreak' Turns Heartache into Anthems

Rising UK pop star Bellah Mae continues her ascent to superstardom with her sophomore EP, 'Never Waste A Heartbreak'. Blending country-infused storytelling with anthemic pop production, the EP sees the 23-year-old navigating post-breakup fallout, transforming her pain into relatable, Gen Z soundtracks.

"As a songwriter, if my music connects with people and helps them, then I've 100% done my job," says Bellah. Her lyrical eye for creating emotionally resonant breakup songs shines through, especially in the EP's opener, 'Hell & Never Back'. Co-written with frequent collaborator Alex O'Shaughnessy, it lays bare the frustrations of a toxic, on-again-off-again relationship.

The EP draws inspiration from a wide range of artists, from country icons Dolly Parton and Shania Twain to modern pop stars Sabrina Carpenter and Olivia Rodrigo. Bellah's time in Nashville, initiated by an invitation from Dolly Parton's manager, honed her storytelling songwriting skills, evident in tracks like 'Stay Friends', a diaristic account of mixed signals from an ex.

The EP explores emotional turmoil in all its forms, shifting between sombre ballads like '2053' and 'Compatible' to glistening pop tunes like '4 Better 4 Worse', where Bellah places her own spin on traditional marriage vows. The final track, 'Love of My Life', is an irresistibly infectious pop anthem, brimming with self-assuredness.

'Never Waste A Heartbreak' arrives just six months after her debut EP, 'With All Due Disrespect', showcasing Bellah's growth as an artist. "On this EP, I really had a lot more freedom to lean into my country roots," she explains. "A lot of the tracks are very stripped back, so I had the flexibility to really get into the details on the lyrics."

With her genre-bending sound and relatable lyrics, Bellah Mae has become a refreshing voice for her ever-growing fanbase. As she sings in 'Love of My Life', "We never waste a heartbreak, we can always get a song out of it!"

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