H3rizon Are An Aussie Girl Group Set to Conquer the Globe with Epic New Single

With their captivating harmonies and undeniable chemistry, H3rizon - the trio of Bernie, Gabby, and Tiara—are making history as the first Australian girl group, and the first Asian-Pacific girl group, to sign with Epic Records. Fresh off the release of their irresistible new single, 'Soul Ties (Don't Give It Up)', the Sydney trio is ready to take the world by storm.

Hailing from the west side of Sydney, the three members' shared heritage and passion for singing led them to meet backstage at local Filipino artist shows. Their bond is palpable in their music, which blends catchy, vibrant pop with no-nonsense attitude. 'Soul Ties (Don't Give It Up)', produced by the legendary Tricky Stewart and written with GRAMMY-winning songwriter Theron Thomas, showcases their stunning vocal talents and infectious energy.

"We're super excited to get this feel-good tune out into the world," says H3rizon. "Whoever you're obsessed with, 'Soul Ties' is the summer bop you never knew you needed!"

The group's meteoric rise has been fueled by their infectious sound and their commitment to inspiring others. "Being women of colour, we can't wait to inspire a lot of young women, especially from our area, to just pursue what they want," says Bernie. "We want to show them that they can make it if they want to."

With their undeniable talent and inspiring message, H3rizon is poised to become a global sensation. Keep an eye out for more from this electrifying trio, coming soon.

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