Holly George's 'Feeling' Showcases A Dreamy Escape from Grief

Canberra-based singer-songwriter and artist Holly George continues to ascend in the music and filmmaking worlds with her latest single, 'Feeling'. With nominations from film festivals across Australia, George's creative talents extend beyond music, crafting captivating music videos that complement her lyrical works.

'Feeling' is the first taste of her forthcoming EP, set for release in mid-2025, showcasing original works from the past five years. George's sound is emotionally enrapturing, with melodies that linger in your mind long after the music fades. Drawing inspiration from artists like Flume, Lana Del Rey, Flight Facilities, and Holly Humberstone, her music is a unique blend of electronic dreaminess and heartfelt emotion.

Recorded at Darling Street Studios in Canberra with local producer Keo, the single's dreamy electronic soundscape provides a comforting escape. "The song is inspired by a lot of Flight Facilities sounds, but ultimately it's supposed to feel like an electronic dream. It's a dreamy escape," George explains.

The music video, shot in Canberra with friends, reflects this sentiment, showcasing happy memories and celebrating existing relationships, a poignant counterpoint to the song's melancholic themes.

Written in the wake of a friend's suicide in 2019, 'Feeling' is a soft electronic ballad that delicately explores the complex emotions surrounding grief. George's lyrics pose poignant questions, connecting with the listener on a deeply personal level. "Tell me what it was, what it was that made you leave?" she sings, capturing the universal pain of loss.

With its emotionally captivating sounds and thought-provoking lyrics, 'Feeling' is a testament to Holly George's artistry and ability to connect with listeners through music.

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