CRYSTALATOR's Explosive New Single 'MODERN LOVE DESTROYED ME' Delivers a Sonic Punch

New Zealand rock trio CRYSTALATOR has unleashed their latest single, 'MODERN LOVE DESTROYED ME', a raw and gritty anthem that harkens back to the golden age of 90s rock while injecting a fresh, contemporary energy.

"Our mission statement is to pay homage to our favourite 90's guitar groups, while expanding upon it and delivering it in a new modern way," says guitarist and vocalist Kelly. "We think this track exemplifies this having one foot in the past and one in the present."

The song's genesis dates back to the early days of the band, formed in 2020 by seasoned musicians Kelly, Harry (bass, vocals), and Dave (drums). The trio, who have been playing together since 2012, drew inspiration from their shared love of 90s rock icons.

Recorded at Neil Finn's Round Head Studios and their rehearsal space, 'MODERN LOVE DESTROYED ME' captures the angst and frustration of a tumultuous relationship during lockdown. "The tunes are just angrier and tuned down," Kelly explains, reflecting the bleak global atmosphere at the time.

The band's deliberate shift towards a heavier sound is evident in the track's driving rhythm section, distorted guitars, and impassioned vocals. Yet, beneath the sonic intensity lies a melodic sensibility reminiscent of their 90s influences.

Mixed by Scott Seabrite, the song's production strikes a balance between raw power and polished clarity. The result is a track that is both visceral and infectious, leaving listeners craving more.

CRYSTALATOR's new single is a testament to the enduring power of 90s rock, reimagined for a new generation. With its nostalgic charm and contemporary edge, the song is poised to resonate with fans of both classic and modern rock alike.

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