Rising Rapper ROSSI Drops His Breakthrough Drill Anthem ‘Trippin'

One of Northern Ireland's emerging rap talents, ROSSI has just released his hotly anticipated new single, ‘Trippin’’. A cut that follows perfectly in the footsteps of songs like last year’s ‘Don’t Cry’, the new single is a vibrant drill track with a difference. Arriving as a sonic snapshot of the artist's current reality, ‘Trippin’’ delivers a raw and honest look at post-grad life, navigating heartbreak, chasing dreams, and resisting the allure of social media's highlight reel.

Speaking candidly about the new single, ROSSI explained, "It's about me really and where I am at this moment in life," he explains. "As much as I am having fun on this record rapping to a chill drill beat, I'm letting listeners know not to believe everything they see on socials and to keep striving on your own lane."

The track's inspiration came organically, a natural outpouring of emotions and observations. "I guess it was just something I felt and just came out with while creating," the artist reveals. "As an artist constantly crafting and expressing his art form, I feel this is as pure as it comes and where I'm at my best."

In true form, ‘Trippin’’ blends intoxicating drill elements with a deeper message of self-reflection, all while showcasing the rapper's lyrical prowess. Clever wordplay and pop references add to the mix, while the song’s driving bass and calculated beats push it along at a perfect pace.

The song's unique sound is partly attributed to its sample of Ella Mai's ‘Trip’. "With me being heavily influenced by RnB, adding its feels to a rap record came naturally to me," the artist shares.

More than just a promising new release, ‘Trippin'’ is proof of ROSSI’s rising talent, showing he's not just another face in the crowd, but an innovator ready to change the music scene. With its infectious beat, relatable lyrics, and undeniable energy, this track is sure to leave a lasting impression. As the artist himself puts it, "I'm letting people know how good I am at this music thing and not to sleep on me."

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