Hollow Coves serve new tease of album 'Nothing To Lose ' with latest single ‘See You Again'

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With the countdown continuing toward the release of their highly anticipated new album 'Nothing To Lose', the wonderful Hollow Coves return with a brand new morsel from it to keep fans’ appetites healthy – the new single, ‘See You Soon’.

Following on from the release of ‘Photographs’ at the beginning of the year, this track from the duo is another blissful, texturally rich project that encompasses the energy of 'Nothing To Lose' in a great way. It is another gorgeous example of songwriting from Matt Carins and Ryan Henderson – across the whole project, it is evident how their dynamic as collaborators has solidified across years of writing and touring together.

As with ‘Photographs’ and the rest of 'Nothing To Lose', ‘See You Soon’ was recorded at Rainbow Valley Studios with Matt Corby on production and engineering. As Hollow Coves explain of their new single, ‘See You Soon’ is a track about reconnection.

Speaking about the single, the band shared, “So you have made a new best friend somewhere in the world and you’ve shared so many great memories with them. Your time together comes to an end and you go your separate ways. Life gets busy and your communication together gets more and more distant. Eventually you forget to ever contact them or call them, but you always have moments in your life that remind you of them or the memories you shared together."

"This song is all about this feeling and trying to encourage the listener to reconnect with those people. Just send them a message or give them a call and see where they’re at. I’m sure they’d really appreciate it. This song was actually the first song that Matt and his wife Molly wrote together after discussing what would be a good concept to write about that a lot of people could relate to. After refining it with Ryan, we thought the song had something special to it.”

In support of ‘Nothing To Lose’, Hollow Coves have also announced their Australian & New Zealand headline tour dates for 2024 - their biggest and farthest reaching Australian tour to date, off the back of a slew of previously sold-out national shows. Starting in New Zealand’s Christchurch, Wellington, and Auckland, the band then returns to Australian shores for shows in Brisbane, Hobart, Adelaide, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth & Margaret River.

With the majority of 2024 set aside for a long-awaited return to international touring on a large scale, Hollow Coves are focusing on bringing 'Nothing To Lose' to life with the same amount of heart and passion that was poured into the studio sessions at Rainbow Valley. The duo have already amassed a huge following in multiple global markets, with over 1 billion global streams to their name.

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