Middle Kids share a powerful exploration of faith and belief with new album, 'Faith Crisis Pt 1'

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On their new album 'Faith Crisis Pt 1', Sydney's Middle Kids showcase tender indie-pop hook, and vibrant, reflective melodies, building perfectly on the heartfelt moments of previous album 'Today We're The Greatest'.

Kicking off the album with the punchy pop sounds of 'Petition', the new album sees lead singer Hannah putting in another glistening performance, adding depth and charm to every track. Instantly enjoyable, the opening cut exudes confidence and a newfound maturity, while elsewhere, tracks like ‘Dramamine’, ‘Philosophy’, and ‘Terrible News’ are effortlessly captivating, showcasing a confidence in the band's sound that lets them explore more textures and evocative moments.

There are also more tender and intimate moments on the album than in previous releases, with 'Go To Sleep On Me’ standing out with its layered vocals and an intimate atmosphere, while the acoustic sounds of 'Bootleg Firecracker’ see Middle Kids at ease with more vulnerable experiences. Balanced by golden melodies that Gliding alongside gorgeous guitar lines, the band create a cohesive and consistent sound, regardless of the emotional setting. It's impossible to not mention Standout tracks like ‘Highlands’ and ‘Your Side, Forever’, delivering a perfect blend of vibrant pop hooks, soaring guitars, and enchanting choruses to truly flush out the listening experience.

There's evident growth on this album, even if it may seem subtle at first. Lyrically, these songs are more intricate and engaging than ever before, while the band's decision to fully embrace an indie pop sound on 'Faith Crisis Pt 1, elevates it beyond 'Today We’re The Greatest'. Middle Kids truly excel in this musical realm, and with such a dynamic performer leading the charge, their third album is an incredibly enjoyable and effortlessly charming listen.

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