Laura Loh – ‘Running’

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Fresh from her soul-pop serenade ‘Closer’, talented singer, songwriter, and producer Laura Loh is back in the spotlight with a poignant new release, ‘Running’. A single that sees Laura combining her lush sound with a timeless indie tone, ‘Running’ is a track that finds its feet in the most appealing and invigorating of ways.

A Hampshire, UK-based singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and producer with a background in classical and jazz music, and a sharp inclination towards alt-pop and alt-folk sounds, Laura has long since been on our radar. A unique talent who has played Weyfest, Westival and ValeFest, and graced Abbey Road studios with her vocals, she’s become something of a sensation ever since her single ‘Morning Light’ dropped in March of this year, and with ‘Running’, she’s continued to build moments and impress fans and critics alike.

With a notable shift in sound, ‘Running’ transforms Laura’s sound into a fiercely driven indie anthem, capturing a subtle 80’s hook that sways through energetic choruses and a wonderfully funky guitar. Similarly, Laura’s vocals and lyrics help maintain the pace, alluding to the desire to run into the future you want instead and away from the past you’ve survived.

Speaking about the track, Laura explained, “When I wrote ‘Running’, I hadn’t started producing my own music yet, so it was just piano and vocal. I could already hear it in my head as a full production, but I didn’t know I would be the one to bring that vision to life. After producing a few songs, I came back to ‘Running’ and produced it. Making this song was a turning point for me as an artist; it felt like I found my sound. Musically, I wanted it to feel like running to amplify the yearning in the lyrics and have sustained upbeat energy.”

A release that is filled with grace and charm, ‘Running’ is a rare single that capitalises on modern trends, while also remaining true to Laura’s own creative flair. Filled with eloquent moments and brilliant passages, it’s a single that deserves to be given your full attention.

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