Crawlers deliver a raw and emotional honest debut record in 'The Mess We Seem To Make'

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One of Liverpool's most exciting musical exports of the last few years, Crawlers have unveiled their debut album, 'The Mess We Seem To Make', a raw, honest, and kaleidoscopic reflection of the band's distinctive sound. Bolstered by familiar tracks Like 'Come Over (Again)', the record is an expressive demonstration of Crawlers' authenticity and artistry.

The album kicks off perfectly with 'Meaningless Sex', a track that simmers with tension, driven by percussive synths and punctuated by distorted guitar licks. It sets the stage for what's to come, enticing listeners with anticipation and gradually unfolding into a rich arrangement - a recurring theme throughout the album. In 'Kiss Me', Crawlers playfully manipulate dynamics, teasing euphoria as instruments swell to a crescendo before elegantly pulling back at the last moment. 'Better If I Just Pretend' stands out as a rock symphony, seamlessly integrating various elements into a cohesive whole, while lead singer Holly Minto unleashes a raw rock 'n' roll rasp, infusing the band's alt-pop sound with gritty authenticity.

'Golden Bridge' offers a more intimate encounter with Minto's vocals, accompanied by rippling waves of piano, creating a cinematic soundscape that nods to the band's occasional orchestral instincts. The album traverses an expansive genre spectrum, from pop elements to near-metal influences, exploring themes ranging from queer yearning in 'Lucy' to the gut-wrenching reality of infidelity in 'Nighttime Affair'.

Riding the waves of their online success, Crawlers have encapsulated the transcendent essence of their sound in 'The Mess We Seem To Make'. From the raw emotion that initially hooks listeners to the multi-dimensional universe of Crawlers, this album is a stirring and unpredictable journey that's sure to captivate audiences.

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