New England’s Flashpaper Airplane make their mark with debut single ‘Blue’

A newly formed five-piece who have wasted no time in delivering their debut single, New England’s Flashpaper Airplane have made their mark with ‘Blue’. A fitting debut single that is packed to the brim with raw energy, powerhouse vocals, and scintillating pop-punk energy, ‘Blue’ is a strong start for the fresh-faced band.

Built on the combined talents of Kari Santos, Jordan Oczkowski, Millisa Henderson, Sam Enright, and Trey Lundquist, Flashpaper Airplane sit at a unique musical crossroads. Backed heavily by pop-punk sounds, but with a myriad of other influences and nuanced artistic flourishes, their sound is fiercely original, refusing to be pigeonholed and pushing for new creative space.

Their debut single is a perfect example of this ethos, offering an impressive introduction through slow, lingering guitar chords, bursts of wild percussion, and a titanic collision of brilliant vocals with textured instrumentals and a budding hard rock edge. While your typical pop-punk song might hold firm to fast-paced, energetic tempos overlayed with power-pop melodies, Flashpaper Airplane have worked hard to make ‘Blue’ stand out from the crowd. Capitalising on a solid, sometimes frenetic wall of sound backed by lyrical moments like “I’m just high, wasting time that I don’t have,” the band set a solid foundation for things to come.

Speaking about the band and their music, Flashpaper Airplane shared, “The five of us have been sitting on this since last summer, and we’re all so excited to start sharing our music, playing out, and building a community of fellow pop/punk/rock/musical/theatre/prog/djent/music-loving people.”

Armed with an impressive debut single, Flashpaper Airplane have well and truly made their mark, and with plans to release more new music throughout 2024, there’s never been a better time to get acquainted. You can stream the new single above, and be sure to check out their socials below, where you can get to know the band and keep up to date with all their coming announcements, new releases, and shows.

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