Jack Dylan and the Villains Start A New Chapter With The Release of Debut Single 'Swim'

Sunshine Coast-based musician Jack Dylan McCullagh, formerly the guitarist for Melbourne's post-punk powerhouse Dr Sure’s Unusual Practice, has embarked on his first solo project, Jack Dylan and the Villains. This venture marks a significant transition for McCullagh, who relocated to Queensland in 2022. He is now set to debut his highly anticipated record, 'Comfort Will Kill You' later this year.

The first taste of this new journey comes with the single 'Swim' a track that oscillates between the haunting qualities of a sea shanty and the gritty textures of desert rock. The song features guitars that shift from groovy rhythms to intricate scales and piercing shrieks. McCullagh's vocals explore themes of isolation and escapism, encapsulating the listener with the chant, “Will I see the island again, while I’m rotting in my prisoner’s bed.” This chorus line reverberates with a raw Australiana, reminiscent of the country's musical greats, showcasing McCullagh's unique lyrical and melodic prowess.

'Swim' serves as the perfect introduction to Jack Dylan and the Villains, offering a glimpse into the immersive experience promised by 'Comfort Will Kill You'. The album, recorded at McCullagh's home amidst the paperbarks in Mount Coolum, was brought to life in 2023 with the assistance of producer Steve Summers. It is said to be rich with tracks that wash over the listener like waves of nostalgia, creating a deeply evocative musical journey.

Accompanying the single is a visually striking film clip that juxtaposes familiar Australian landscapes with the eerie presence of a masked figure, symbolising themes of rumination and escape. The video, produced by McCullagh and fellow Villain JD Evers, enhances the song's haunting narrative.

In preparation for live performances, McCullagh assembled a band featuring JD Evers on bass, James Quinn on drums, Harrison Biden on keys, and Samuel Markovic on violin. The ensemble is set to make their live debut on June 27th at the Little Temple Records showcase in Noosa Heads.

Jack Dylan and the Villains is poised to make a significant impact on the Australian music scene, with 'Swim' paving the way for a compelling debut album. As fans eagerly await the release of  'Comfort Will Kill You', McCullagh's innovative blend of sounds and emotive storytelling promises to captivate and resonate deeply.

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