Sydney's Jet City Sports Club craft a dreamy indie-pop triumph with 'Every Single Dream'

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Sydney-based indie sweethearts Jet City Sports Club have unveiled their sparkling new EP, 'Every Single Dream'. This five-track collection shimmers with the band's signature blend of dreamy melodies and sun-drenched pop charm. The EP includes the captivating unreleased track 'Chamomile' alongside well-loved singles 'My Everything', 'Drug Store', 'Green Thumb', and 'Sunny Morning'.

'Every Single Dream' is a testament to Jet City Sports Club's growth. Renowned producer Fletcher Matthews (RAAVE TAPES, Stumps, The Buoys) lends his expertise, resulting in a polished, cohesive sound. Each track is a gem, radiating the band's infectious energy.

The EP's themes explore the band's journey of shared experiences and aspirations. "The new EP is a collection of songs that are extensions of us, and the experiences being in this band has created," they explain. "We named it 'Every Single Dream' as it's a bit ambiguous, and people can attach their meaning to it when they’ve heard the songs and made their own relationship with the EP. It also has a sort of second meaning where we see this band as a vehicle to accomplish every single one of our dreams.”

The band's commitment to sonic evolution is evident in 'Every Single Dream'. Taking cues from indie powerhouses like Soccer Mommy, Biig Piig, and Snail Mail, they've crafted a more refined, mature sound without losing their youthful heart. The band shared, "We aimed to polish the production on this EP, and it's a really nice progression from our first EP 'September Sun'. We drew inspiration from artists such as Soccer Mommy, Biig Piig, and Snail Mail, amongst others production-wise."

Jet City Sports Club's fanbase and critical acclaim continue to swell. They've graced stages alongside The VANNS, STUMPS, Connie Constance (UK), and more, even playing festivals like SXSW Sydney. Radio stations like triple J and Unearthed adore them, while platforms like Apple Music are championing their music.

With 'Every Single Dream', Jet City Sports Club further solidifies their reputation as one of Australia's brightest indie-pop acts. Their blend of heartfelt lyricism, catchy melodies, and a genuine spirit makes them impossible to ignore.

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