Sydney's jnr. Explores Darker Territory with '4DAYS/4NIGHTS'

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Sydney's ever-evolving artist, jnr., returns with a sonic pivot in his latest single, '4DAYS/4NIGHTS'. The track, his second release of 2024, marks a shift towards a shadowy hip-hop soundscape. This evolution comes after a whirlwind year that saw jnr. drop six singles and collaborate on multiple features and remixes, even securing a coveted opening slot for indie-rock darlings Last Dinosaurs.

'4DAYS/4NIGHTS' delves into a moodier atmosphere, channeling the vibes of artists like Chase Atlantic, Don Toliver, and Riley. jnr.'s vocals float over lush synths and echoing reverb before the track erupts with punchy drums and chest-thumping 808s. The energy intensifies, incorporating glitchy sound effects, and culminates in a chopped and screwed outro that begs for maximum volume.

jnr. continues to carve his niche within the alt-pop scene, fearlessly pushing boundaries and experimenting with his sonic palette. While his music draws inspiration from acts spanning The 1975 to LANY and No Rome, he maintains a cohesive sonic and visual identity unique to his project.

Jnr.'s live performances, known for their infectious energy, showcase yet another facet of his artistry. He's shared stages with luminaries like Last Dinosaurs, Chloe Dadd, and Taj Ralph, backed by a three-piece band that translates his studio sound into a captivating live experience.

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