Alicia Stockman – ‘Halfway to Houston’

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A Utah-based folk-meets-Americana singer-songwriter whose music pulls back the veil to reveal everyday vulnerability, Alicia Stockman has been celebrated all across the US, delivering songs that are written like intimate moments, drawing listeners into a relatable emotional journey. 

In her new single ‘Halfway to Houston’, Alicia explores lost love, painful memories that express feelings of suffering and melancholia, building an intimate space with dreamlike slide guitars and melodies full of bittersweet nostalgia.

At a young age, Alicia Stockman began her deep love for music, compelled by the vivid storytelling of powerhouse songwriters including Patty Griffin, Brandi Carlile and Jewel.  After performing in a loud rock n’ roll band playing bars with sticky floors and belting out Stevie Wonder tunes, Alicia began writing her own music more seriously.  Realizing her new songs didn’t have a place in a loud bar with a party atmosphere, she branched out and started playing more intimate venues, quickly finding her home in the folk and Americana scene. Her whisky-dipped soulful vocals and creative takes on day-to-day realities soon sparked the interest of “Nashville’s Americana Queen” Mary Bragg who began collaborating with Alicia on her new album.

‘Halfway to Houston’ is a token break-up song where Alicia recalls a painful memory of lost love. The song is poetic and emotive, laced with soaring vocals and intimate lyrics that express feelings of suffering and melancholia. “I wrote the chorus of this song while hiking a trail network near my house. It was a healthy way to process the end of this relationship while my ex-partner moved out of the house.”

Recognized for her unique songwriting and performance formula, Alicia has received accolades from several performing songwriter competitions including Songwriter Serenade, Tucson Folk Festival, Suzanne Millsaps Songwriter Competition, and the Wildflower! Arts and Music Festival. 

Her upcoming debut 10-track full-length album is entitled ‘These Four Walls’ and is a collection of "songs to make you feel and feel seen." The album says, “I see you. I've been there. I understand.” Written over a three-year period, ‘These Four Walls’ is a luminous roots release infused with gritty blues-rock guitar licks and attention-worthy melodies.

Check out ‘Halfway To Houston’ above, and make sure you keep an eye out for ‘These Four Walls’ when it’s released in November 2021.

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