Laszlo Jones - 'Out Of My Head'

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A hugely talented multi-instrumentalist, composer, arranger and producer born in Beirut, Laszlo Jones has spent the last decade building an incredible musical arsenal. With a penchant for hybrid sounds that blend futuristic, dark world tones with more traditional and emotive spaces, Laszlo’s has constantly pushed the boundaries of not only rock, but modern music as a whole.

With a childhood punctuated by many travels and the expatriations of his parents, Laszlo was instilled with an exalted taste for adventure, discovery and freedom, three passions that have coloured his music since the very beginning. A composer who is primarily guided by his five senses, he has become widely known for his organic, frequently evocative pieces that view the world through a critical, yet joyful lens. True to form, he has described his work as a quest for remarkable melodies, unforgettable lyrics, and a truly unique sound, one that displays the power of modern pop, the timeless soul of rock, and the strength and vibrancy of modern metal and electronica.

After first surfacing in 2011 with the release of his debut album ‘Banana Nation’, Laszlo has been working hard to make his expansive creative vision a reality, and now, with the release of his latest landmark single, he’s struck upon a truly unforgettable sound.

Opening with a lavish orchestral intro that sets the overall tone for the piece, ‘Out Of My Head’ sees Laszlo at his creative best, delivering a fine medley of catchy lyrics, energetic vocals, and powerful rock beats that crash over heavy drum segments and holds you transfixed.

While the song premiered a few days ago, and was recently featured on our website, Laszlo has further revealed the official music video for the single. A cinematic piece directed by Nacer Maash and starring Lara Laquiz and Thomas Gréaux, it's available now.

A single that embodies a passion that is so strong that it defies reality, ‘Out Of My Head’ is the latest single to be taken from Laszlo’s upcoming EP ‘Beyond the Door’, which is billed to be a unique and hallucinatory exploration of death, an inevitable fate that we must all come to terms with.

Tune in to the new single above and make sure you follow Laszlo on his social media pages below so you can keep up to date with all the news surrounding his upcoming EP.

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