Ancient History returns with nostalgic new single and album announcement

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Pittsburgh-based project Ancient History has recently released their new video for 'Clementines' the first taste of the upcoming album 'Zero Dollar Consolation Prize'. After a near-seven-year hiatus, Don Ducote has revived his beloved indie project Ancient History with the release of the new single, a textured, melancholy song that perfectly introduces the new album.

Ducote, the creative mind behind Ancient History, blends lo-fi experimentation and classic indie songwriting sensibilities and established himself early in the Brooklyn music scene. The new single, 'Clementines' is a poignant love song framed by bittersweet goodbyes and inevitable change. The track reflects on the artist's early move to New York City, when the world felt full of possibility, as his now ex prepares to embark on her own journey to The Big Apple years later. Dreamy vocals, shimmering synths, and Dane Adelman's evocative guitar work, recorded via a vintage ADAT, perfectly capture the nostalgic mood.

The accompanying music video, created by media artist Kyle A. Adams, showcases Ducote in soft pink and blue hues as he revisits locations significant to his past. The analogue aesthetic adds to the wistful, retrospective feel of the song. You can stream it in full below.

After making waves with early albums 'Tracks' and 'Good Friend Electrical', Ducote is finally ending his nearly seven-year hiatus with the highly anticipated 'Zero Dollar Consolation Prize'. Fans have eagerly awaited new music from the artist, and this album promises to reward their patience. Set for release on March 15th, 2024, 'Zero Dollar Consolation Prize' could mark a thrilling return to form for Ducote and a new chapter in his already compelling musical legacy.

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