The Trampoline Delay deliver a sonic paradox in new single 'Excuses Excuses'

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Pete Marino, the force behind the musical moniker The Trampoline Delay, delivers a unique blend of infectious indie rock and 90s power pop energy. Initially a solo project, Marino has now assembled a talented band to bring The Trampoline Delay to life on stage. Gerard Ross fuels the rhythm section, Willie Villaverde adds steady depth with harmonies echoing Band of Horses, and John MacIntosh brings cutting-edge lead guitar melodies.

The new song from the project, 'Excuses Excuses' is a sonic paradox. It channels the brooding energy of 80s goth and the raw power of 90s alt-rock, blending them seamlessly. This track leaves you wanting more, almost angry it didn't deliver a full ten minutes of that addictive, nostalgic sound.

Speaking about the single, Pete shared, “Lyrically, 'Excuses Excuses' is about letting your shyness or social anxiety take over. That battle you have with your inner voice that makes excuses as to why you shouldn’t get out there and live your life."

He continued, "Ironically, I came up with the verse first, which had the line “But excuses always keep me from my life”, after being invited out by a friend to see a band they worked with called Excuses Excuses. Like I sometimes do, my mind came up with an excuse as to why I shouldn’t go out that night… and I sort of regretted it within hours. Instead of just going to bed, I went into my home studio, wrote the verse, and basically wrote and recorded the rest of the song in around 3 hours. This is pretty typical for me, as I often write and record, coming up with the parts on the fly, and then forgetting them when it comes time to play them, because they were one and done.”

Fans are buzzing with anticipation for both the band's new album and dynamic live shows. The success of their debut album, 'In Your Head', generated a loyal fanbase hungry for more. The Trampoline Delay is poised to reach new heights as a full-fledged band, delivering their exhilarating brand of alternative rock to the masses. Get ready for a concert experience driven by Marino's infectious energy and the band's powerful blend of melodic guitars and 90s-inspired rock power.

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