bella amor - 'can't get laid'

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A very exciting artist who has just signed with Sony, Gold Coast based singer-songwriter, bella amor has shared her beautiful debut single, ‘can’t get laid’.

‘can’t get laid’ arrives as a mish mash of pop, punk and indie influences, release delicately encapsulating the many sides of bella’s infectious personality. Demonstrating her fiery confidence and attitude that is found throughout all of bella’s creative pursuits, ‘can’t get laid’ shows her audience that she is a songwriter unafraid to play with tone, embrace vulnerability in songwriting.

Approaching everything with a mixture of humour, wit and charm, the accompanying music video is drenched in youthful effervescence, highlighting bella’s many talents as not only a singer, songwriter and guitarist, but also her deep love for skateboarding and the tight knit community she has built around it.

At just 19 years old, bella exudes an old-soul, worldly perspective that adds a depth beyond her years to her songs of love, life, and the complexities of navigating it all as a young person. These are themes many can relate to, but what really shines through bella’s music is her innate ability as a storyteller, making each personal tale of hers equal parts intimate, yet engaging for a wide audience.

Speaking about the new single, bella explained, “'can't get laid' is a song for all the lovely people who aren't getting that tender lovin’ touch. What's the point of everything bad in the world if you can't get laid? It came about on Zoom with the legend Xavier Dunn. We really wanted to write an anthem for people who weren't getting laid right, or at all. It's frustrating as a woman to ask for sexual pleasure in fear of it being deemed bad or 'slutty'.  So I thought, fuck that, let's talk bout it! All I want to do is give people voices and the right to have their own feelings without being judged, SO GO ON AND GET LAID BY WHOEVER YOU WANT!"

On the music video, she added, “I really wanted the music video to capture me and the crazy chaotic stuff that happens in my mind. Jayemol and Oli came up to the Gold Coast to capture my surroundings, my friends and what I do on a daily basis like op shopping, going to the beach, skating, playing with guitars and generally just hanging out. The video is made to feel hectic and for people to want to run around and scream this song from the top of their lungs. It's the perfect introduction to me, just a carefree, fun lovin Gold Coast gal”.

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