The VANNS - 'Making It Out Alive'

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Having spent the early months of 2022 at Bryon Bay’s iconic The Music Farm working with esteemed producer Chris Collins, Australia’s indie-alt-rock darlings The VANNS return now with another offering from these sessions; aptly titled ‘Making It Out Alive’.

Featuring the renowned, soaring saxophone work of Dusty Boots, the track grows from a foundation of reverberating guitar and light percussion. Jimmy Vann’s lacquer smooth vocals float dulcetly across the rhythm section, as instrumental layers build. Reaching an interlude of gentle piano lines, intertwined with Boots' shimmering saxophone work, the track crescendos via an emotional and stirring solo from Jimmy Vann.

Despite the grandiose nature of ‘Making It Out Alive’, the track wasn’t anywhere near completion before the band headed to The Music Farm at the start of the year - a symptom of a touring schedule that found the band weaving their way across Australia. The forced focus and timing was just what The VANNS needed to polish off the track, managing to put the finishing touches to it, the evening before they were set to record the final edition. Dusty Boots was able to join the band for the session, providing their unique perspective and flavor to the track, aiding The VANNS sonic exploration and growth.

Accompanying the track, is an ethereal and dreamy music video, slicing crisp studio footage from Mikey Conlon, with self-shot VCR footage from the band’s time on the road. The dichotomy is striking, hinting at deeper themes of travel and triumph, flowing through the track. Pastel green, pinks, yellows and purples provide a warm backdrop for the band’s evolution from indie-rock darlings, to blends of psych and rock n’ roll, with anthemic melodies.

The band explained, “Making It Out Alive’ is one of a bunch of songs we recorded with Chris earlier this year. The song wasn’t finished being fully written until the night before we tracked it, which is always a fun timeframe to record in. It also features some great saxophone work by Dusty Boots, who’s so talented and an absolute legend.”

‘Making It Out Alive’ follows on from the critical success of their debut LP ‘Through The Walls’, as well as follow up singles ‘Red Light’ and ‘Feels Good Now’, which both saw the band sell out their entire ‘Red Light’ Australian tour, perform at Falls Festival, Lost Paradise, and tour domestically with legendary acts The Kooks & The Wombats - The VANNS are comfortable and at home in arenas.

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