Nashon's 'runaway' Is A Genre-Bending Summer Anthem Igniting A New Era

Genre rebel Nashon has unleashed his latest single, 'runaway', a sun-soaked, adrenaline-packed joyride into the heart of passionate romance. This Jersey-bred, Cali-based artist kicks off the summer with a bang, delivering pure euphoria in a track that defies categorisation.

Produced by Famous Friend (Winnetka Bowling League), 'runaway' is a sonic bombshell, fusing sun-drenched riffs, surf rock-infused indie punk percussion, and Nashon's iconic vocals. The irresistibly catchy melody speeds into the sunset, leaving an enduring impression.

This track marks a rebirth for Nashon, who ventures into melodic indie pop/rock, a departure from his hip-hop roots. "Indie rock vibes were the easiest for me to sing, so I ran with it," he explains.

Nashon's unique blend of alt rock/indie pop evokes early Steve Lacy, infused with the angst of Jean Dawson and Teezo Touchdown. 'runaway' is the first taste of his upcoming EP, MARTYR; ACT III, the finale to his critically acclaimed MARTYR series, exploring personal and spiritual relationships, purpose, empathy, and inner truth.

As a singer, songwriter, storyteller, and visionary, Nashon pushes artistic boundaries. His distinctive brand of alt rock/indie pop, reminiscent of early Brockhampton and anchored by the raw emotion of his contemporaries, crafts a sound that is undeniably his own.

In his 'MARTYR' series, Nashon weaves a clever narrative on themes of purpose, personal and spiritual growth, and the complexities of mental health. Through his music, he welcomes listeners into a surreal world of self-discovery, leaving an indelible mark on the alt rock/indie pop landscape.

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