Dave Monks – ‘Wild Like Me’

It’s been a few years since Toronto’s Tokyo Police Club last took to the spotlight, but thankfully, vocalist Dave Monks has been keeping us going with a steady flood of new music. After releasing his debut solo record in October of 2019, he’s been busy writing an impressive new chapter in his music career, dishing out a breezier, softer take on the textured indie rock sound that Tokyo Police Club has become known for.

Premiering recently via FLOOD, Monks new single is a refreshing new addition to his solo back catalogue, as well as an emotive glimpse into his upcoming sophomore album, ‘I’ve Always Wanted to Be Me’. Filled with a newfound sense of comfort and acceptance, the new single revels in open and honest communication with both himself and his audience, exploring new music with wild enthusiasm and an unapologetic sense for adventure.

Speaking openly about the new single, Monks explained, “In my daydreams, I know exactly what I’m doing. When I write a song, it’s on a hallowed guitar, on a clear misty morning, and I pick out the undeniable tune I’ve always been destined to sing. And I know exactly what I’m doing when I step into the studio. When I take that step, it is in correctly weathered boots that complement my correctly vintage outfit. And I know exactly what I’m doing when it shows up in your Instagram feed, via one of those record labels that, when mentioned, elicits a silent nod of approval. My bulletproof image appears on your phone and proclaims, I know exactly who I am!”

“You probably have your own version of this fantasy” he continued, “but pretty soon, it doesn’t hold up. Whether it’s through something beautiful or difficult, we learn that life is too precious to spend it as anyone other than our true, complicated, messy selves. You bear your heart and chase your dreams because this is your one chance, and you know it. That’s what being ‘wild’ is to me.”

“‘Wild Like Me’ was a stab in the dark that took me to a place I wasn’t expecting to go. Which, along with making a choreographed dance video, had me flying in the face of that comforting daydream every step of the way. The video was choreographed by my girlfriend and I in my living room and filmed around Toronto on my phone.”

An authentic and free-spirited release that will be soundtracking the rest of our year, ‘Wild Like Me’ brilliantly supports a sense of comfort that can be heard throughout the track, and we can’t wait for the full album to arrive later in the year on Monk’s own newly launched label, Ghost Pepper Records. 

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