DiViNiUM - 'Don't Stop the Music'

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A rising electronic duo from Perth and Brisbane, DiViNiUM have been carving out a unique path through the music industry, dominating the airwaves with a vibrant EDM sound that seamlessly blends with sharp pop aesthetics. 

After first appearing on our radar with their special triple release, they've set the standard for modern electronic anthems, and today, they're back with a massive new cut titled ‘Don’t Stop the Music’. The first single to be taken from DiViNiUM's upcoming five-track called 'DÉJÀ VU', it's a massive new single that demands to be heard.

Speaking about the upcoming release, the band explained that it is "an experimental immersion into cinematic/electronic fusion. All five singles have been produced from the original piano and base track. They have been individually composed and arranged, crafted and woven together into a new song : stylising instrumentation, vocals, rhythms and BPM - branding each with its own unique flavour while retaining the original song at its core."

While only forming in May 2021, the duo of Tania Hannah and Pete Carman have been making their mark, announcing themsevles as one of Australia’s most intriguing and cinematic projects. Together, the band have created an expansive and wonderfully original style, one that explores blends genres with ease and artfully traverses new sonic soundscapes.

You can stream 'Don't Stop the Music' now on most major platforms, while the full five-track release will arrive later this year. For more, be sure to follow the band on their social media pages below, and stay tuned for the second single 'Your Own Game'.

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