Sons of Silver – ‘With You’

One of Los Angeles’ most explosive bands, Sons of Silver broke impressive ground throughout 2022, lashing out with a maelstrom of hard-hitting cuts and expressive anthems packaged into their six-track EP, ‘Ordinary Sex Appeal’.

Since then, the band have been back in the studio, putting the finishing touches on new music that will undoubtedly dominate this coming Spring. In the meantime though, the band have continued to impress fans and critics, delivering a string of live clips that perfectly showcase their energetic rock style. Recorded during the band’s performance at the 1st Annual Sagebrush Cantina Music Festival 2022, the string of clips captures a brilliant show where California Rock News said, “Their set was a powerhouse of crafted well-thought-out, emotionally gripping songs.”

While the live versions of ‘Rude Awakenings’ and ‘Who’s Gonna Stop Us’ are already available online, it’s their rendition of ‘With You’ that hits as a true highlight. A track that has been described as “deft and delicate” by The Big Takeover along with “a great song and highly relatable” by Folk N Rock, ‘With You’ is a driven slice of modern rock that perfectly blends raw emotion with clever songwriting and undeniable appeal.

You can stream the live version of ‘With You’ below via YouTube, while the band’s latest EP, ‘Ordinary Sex Appeal’ is available now on all major platforms.

Since the band’s inception, their songs have collectively garnered over six million views and streams, and that’s just the beginning. Their latest EP, ‘Ordinary Sex Appeal’ is a pivotal release for rock fans, young and old, delivering a straight-shot sound that demands your attention.

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