Dream Pony - 'Bikini Vision'

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A shape-shifting, genre-bending Neo Glam band from NYC, Dream Pony have recently shared their highly anticipated new single 'Bikini Vision'. A scorching summer single, it comes completed with an equally enticing new video, available everywhere now via MANIC Records.

In true style, 'Bikini Vision' is a fuzzed out beach pop anthem celebrating personal expression and body appreciation. Featuring crisp, blown out guitars, killer drum fills driving bass, swirling organs and cruisy backing vocals, it's a track that sounds somewhat like a blend of Iggy Pop sarcasm and Rowland S Howard irony.

The record takes us on a ride through Brooklyn on hot Summers day, with the trio of singer, songwriter, and poet Jordan D'Arsie, Aaron Mika, and Supremo Massiv painting a picture of a character in search of an escape from the heat and the ensuing delirium, blissfully in love with life and able to see beauty in everyone and everything.

Recorded at NY HED studios in the Lower Eastside under the watchful eyes of longstanding producers and co-conspirators, Rocio and Matt Verta-Ray.

Fearless, irregular, limitless but always sincere they're a mainline to the heart of things. Formed late 2022, Dream Pony draw on cinematic themes and are rooted in the poetic condition of the everyday.

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