Jordan Negen - ‘Adding The Pressure’

A rising rapper and artist from the heart of North Minnesota, Jordan Negen has overcome the humble and harsh environments of his upbringing to become one of the state’s most hotly tipped artists. The founder of Minnesota Cold Productions, Negen has recently released his latest single ‘Adding The Pressure’, delivering a prime and uncompromising example of his talents.

After learning the values of hard work and perseverance in his youth, Negen has been applying those same values to his music career, carving out a unique and impressive musical style that artfully blends pop and hip-hop. His latest single, ‘Adding The Pressure’ is a prime example of Negen’s ability to stand out from the first listen, delivering a hard-hitting beat and flawless flow that will have you enraptured. Backed by instrumental lightwork produced by DonP, and perfectly encapsulating Negen’s creative ethos, it’s a track that stands strong as one of his best.

In true form though, ‘Adding The Pressure’ delivers more than just a catchy beat, it also showcases a lifetime of experiences and the struggles he’s overcome. Reflective and honest, the new single, like all of Negen’s music, centres on heartfelt lyrics and introspective verse, touching on everything from love and heartbreak to mental health and societal issues.

For Negen, music is not just a form of self-expression, but a way to connect with his fans and make a difference in the world. With his label, Minnesota Cold Productions, he's dedicated to staying true to his roots and creating a platform for other up-and-coming artists to share their stories.

Whether you're a long-time fan or just discovering Negen for the first time, ‘Adding The Pressure’ is a brilliant new chapter in his career. Blending genres and cultivating a catchy and uplifting sound, the new single is everything we’ve come to love about Negen’s music and more. For more of his powerful lyrics, infectious beats, and unwavering commitment, be sure to check out Negen’s music on his social media pages below.

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