DULCIE - 'Test Drive'

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After spending much of 2022 on the road, entering a defining chapter of their careers as performing artists, West Australian pop force DULCIE have returned with their first single for the year: a summer-primed track titled ‘Test Drive’.

The song is a testament to the songwriting strength between the members – Ashleigh Carr-White, Saskia Brittain and Timieka Denton – and the way they not only bounce ideas off each other, but their natural dynamism as performers. As their first release for 2023, ‘Test Drive’ is quintessential DULCIE; vibrant, energetic and coated in undeniable charm.

The band explained, “‘Test Drive’ captures the feeling of being in a one-sided relationship - the kind where you doubt your partner’s intentions are aligned with yours, or if you’re being led on."

Written and recorded between Brisbane (with ARIA Award winning producer Konstantin Kersting (Tones and I, The Jungle Giants) and Perth with longtime collaborator Joel Quartermain (Eskimo Joe, Meg Mac), DULCIE have expanded their sound this time further, thriving during the process.

They continued, “We’re so grateful to have brought this track to life with such incredible producers. Joel Quatermain really helped us to find the hooks in our original demo and his ideas in the studio give it such a catchy pop feel. Working with Kon to finish it off felt so serendipitous. We’ve been wanting to work with him for so long and after meeting at bigsound we were able to tee up a studio session! There were a few extra sounds we wanted to add and Kon’s layering of synths and vocal effects give it that extra push and drive that we love!”

The release of ‘Test Drive’ follows on from a strong run of singles in 2022, including ‘Nothing Left’, ‘tell ur friends’ and ‘Cold Hard Truth’ – all three earning DULCIE widespread acclaim and support from the likes of triple j, Triple J Unearthed, NME Australia, Music Feeds and more.

Combining these successes with a lucrative Feature Artist spot with Apple Music, and dedicated playlisting support across Apple, Spotify and Amazon Music, DULCIE’s presence as a formidable indie pop force was more than established: it was solidified. 

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