Gala Maria - ‘Dreaming’

A talented Honduran-America artist who is currently based in Texas, Gala Maria has been enchanting audiences with her hybrid pop sounds since last year. After first finding her feet with the release of ‘Call It Cosmic’, Gala has become an innovative and constantly ensnaring talent, and now, she’s released a very special collaboration with fellow Honduran artist and producer, El Tata.

Released recently, the single arrives as an important moment in Gala’s career, arriving as her first true foray into dream-pop sounds. A departure from her layered, multi-genre style, the single sees Gala and El Tata combining perfectly to create a pristine and deeply evocative single. Featuring dreamy vocals that flow beneath the infectious melody and curated pop hooks, ‘Dreaming’ is a single that gets under your skin in the best possible way. Throughout, there are gorgeous sparks of Gala’s signature, genre-fusing talents, with elements of modern jazz and funk surfacing magically.

Speaking about the single with us, Gala shared, “‘Dreaming’ is my first pure dream pop song, as my previous work (Gingham EP, produced by Big Tom) includes genre-fusions (jazz, funk, blues).’ She continued, “I am aesthetically inspired by Surrealism (Salvador Dalí, Maruja Mallo, Rene Magritte) being a surrealist painter myself, and my namesake being Gala Dalí, Salvador Dalí's wife and muse. Surrealism places special importance on symbolism derived from the subconscious/dreams and is at times esoteric.”

“This song started out as a new moon manifestation, wishing for an emotionally healthy relationship and is influenced by George Harrison and Melody's Echo Chamber. More songs fusing psychedelic and jazz elements to come!"

Previously, Gala’s music has been featured on websites like The Static Dive, who showcased her debut single ‘Call It Cosmic’, saying “‘Call it Cosmic’ is the debut single from Gala Maria, released worldwide via all major streaming services on December 4, 2022. Big Tom’s guitar plays a cool avant-garde jazz riff over a lo-fi disco groove. Gala’s hypnotic vocal enters the mix to create a cool indie dream-pop vibe. She sings of our desire to name the nameless.”

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