Ghost Care - 'Arcade'

Pulling inspiration from a Creedence Clearwater Revival track, Ghost Care have today unveiled their new single ‘Arcade’, an indie-rock synth-infused heater about the teamwork, unison and collaboration needed from both partners to form a successful relationship.

Singer Beau Torrance’s depiction of the “game” of love as something both spouses need to work together to “win” is woven throughout the lyrics of ‘Arcade’. The back-and-forth between dual singers Beau Torrance and Tanaya Harper is heard all round the track, leading listeners on a journey and placing them at the center of the emotional partnership.

Starting life at an energetic Ghost Care jam session, ‘Arcade’ wasn’t the band’s initial “go-to” for a track to record, however it quickly became one of their front runners. With two varying tempos throughout the track, the band worked hard to get it tight and ready to track. Working with acclaimed Perth producer Dave Parkin (Spacey Jane, Tired Lion, Bob Evans), the band took his lead to drive the track into the synth heavy lead-line, their first with this dynamic.

Speaking of the track, Beau explained, “This song was born through a jam that felt electric. Kind of like that moment in the origin stories movies when a band is writing the first ideas of their big hit and everyone can feel the energy in the room. Having two speeds in this one was something I (Beau) personally had to push for. They told me it couldn’t be done. They told me it was impossible. We also loved how the back and forth between Beau and Tanaya’s vocals became very evident in that section. It’s not too many songs you hear as a duet between two singers singing lead the whole way but something we have loved and want to do more of.”

“The original idea was named ‘Dance’ on our voice memos, but when we dove into the lyrics we found that the name ‘Arcade’ fit the theme of love and a relationship being likened to a game. Inspired by a Creedence Clearwater Revival song, I loved the idea of not wanting to be on the bench and that if you want to win you have to feel like everyone is giving their all and that you are working as a team. We were playing this song originally as a guitar heavy driven song and it felt like it could stay there or we could take it somewhere we haven’t really been before. When we got to the studio, our producer Dave Parkin had the exact same mindset and it was then decided we should take it into the synth world.”

Filmed by Western Australian director Stephanie Senior (Dulcie, Edie), ‘Arcade's’ accompanying music video features singers Tanaya Harper and Beau Torrance playing arcade style video games next to each other. As the film progresses, the two become immersed in a street-fighter type setting, capturing the neon atmosphere and tongue-in-cheek persona of the track.

Tanaya added, "We love this video clip so much! We knew we wanted fun whilst not being too funny, and Steph totally nailed the vibe. We really had this idea of making a video that had this funky, neon atmosphere. Steph really took it to another level for us and we feel like we chose the perfect person for capturing the song's energy!"

Alongside the release of ‘Arcade’, the band will be celebrating the song with a headline tour, returning back to the East Coast after a successful stint with fellow Perth darlings Spacey Jane earlier this year. Ghost Care will be kicking off the run at Badlands Bar, Perth, before hitting a slew of East Coast shows across one weekend in Melbourne, Brisbane, and Sydney. Although a quick jaunt, the band are excited to continue building their connection with fans both in and outside of Perth.

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