Lunar Monkeys - 'Indifference'

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An alternative, psybient hip-hop group from Australia's blossoming independent scene, Lunar Monkeys have recently shared a very special cover of Pearl Jam's 'Indifference', reshaping the grunge anthem into a textured ambient track that holds true to the group's chilled style.

Released alongside an emotive music video that you can view below, Lunar Monkeys' cover version sees the band applying a more electronic sound, maintaining the energy of the original, while also adding their own stamp to the sound. Right from the start, it's hard to deny the respect that the band have had for the track, maintaining the authentic, gritty vibes that have made it so timeless, while also reaching for new ground through some clever, atmospheric reworks.

A musical duo of Christian and Adrian Lechner, Lunar Monkeys have spent the lastfew years building a wonderfully eclectic selection of sounds, exploring every creative whim and stylistic element they come across. Delving into genres that range from psybient to hip-hop and both folk and rock covers, the band stands tall on their own creative level. Starting with ‘Babelized’, their debut single that was shared last year, the duo have continued to explore new paths, and their latest cover is a testament to their willingness to explore and innovate.

The band have been relatively quiet about their decision to cover the classic Pearl Jam track, but as soon as you hit play, you can appreciate why. Transforming the release into an even more poignant piece, it now acts as an impressive introduction to the band that everyone can tap into and enjoy.

Prior to the release of ‘Indifference’, Lunar Monkeys have shared a few select singles on Spotify, the most recent of which is ‘Babel’, a chilled hip-hop cut featuring Sheddi young and Ethan Jals. On YouTube, their discography is more pronounced, with four cuts including ‘Babel’ and ‘Indifference’ standing tall as testaments to their creativity.

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