Gwyn English Nielsen shares a touching release for anyone who has been cheated on

An artist who has been making music and refining her sound from the tender age of four, Gwyn English Nielsen has spent her life wrapped in music. After making her solo debut with the release of ‘Heart Walk’ in 2020, Gwyn has spent the last few years pouring her heart and soul into her upcoming album ‘Vanishing Lanes’, releasing it as a series of evocative singles. Gwyn has shared her most recent track and the latest glimpse of the new album, ‘Sunburned Mind’, a touching song that “goes out to all of those who have experienced the pain of adultery”.

Known for her ‘healing music’ that took shape during the global pandemic and relentless lockdowns, Gwyn has always been able to skilfully infuse her music with her heart and soul, creating modern folk sounds that shine with a true pop twist. With ‘Sunburned Mind’, Gwyn has delved deep into her past, adding new life to lyrics that she first wrote in 1989. A cathartic, but emotional track that she first wrote after discovering that her then-husband was a serial cheater, ‘Sunburned Mind’ is a touching ode and call to arms for anyone who has felt the same pain.

With a bridge inspired by Lennon and McCartney's ‘Day in the Life’, the new single is an instantly evocative piece, with Gwyn and her friends, family, and fellow artists all adding their touch. With the help of Devon English, Doug Gallo Jr., and Mary Lu Farrell, ‘Sunburned Mind’ stands tall as a memorable and moving release.

A classical vocalist and talented guitarist, Gwyn started her music career as a teen performing internationally with choirs, before she turned professional and toured as lead female vocalist for Billboard’s Top 40 in the Mark Channing Show Band. After the group’s untimely breakup, she sang alongside many studio musicians in wedding bands throughout the New York area. Throughout the 1990s, she crooned and played in the coffeehouse duo R&R, and to this day, she is one-half of Girls' Night Out, performing mainly for private audiences in residences for seniors and abused women and children.

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