Isabelle Veser Unveils Captivating New Single 'Not Free' with Synth Stevie and Devasting Noise

Isabelle Veser, the dynamic German-Greek-French singer and producer hailing from Cologne, is making waves in the dance and house music scenes with her latest release, 'Not Free'. Known for her energetic beats and soulful melodies, Isabelle has collaborated with industry heavyweights like Van Snyder and Ne-Yo, and has a growing repertoire of hits that resonate on the dance floor and airwaves alike.

Her recent track, 'Let It Go', garnered substantial radio play, with stations such as Kiss FM and Fritz Radio putting it on heavy rotation. This success has solidified her reputation as a versatile and innovative artist within the electronic music community.

'Not Free', composed by Synth Stevie and Devasting Noise, exemplifies Isabelle's unique style, blending infectious dance rhythms with emotive lyrical content. The song captures the essence of her musical journey, reflecting her diverse cultural background and rich musical influences. Isabelle’s vocals and top lines add a powerful and distinctive touch, making the track both danceable and thought-provoking, embodying her signature blend of house and dance music.

This year is set to be a significant one for Isabelle, with a series of high-profile performances lined up. She will be gracing the stage at PNR Live Studio in Portland LA, a venue known for hosting renowned artists like Ava Max and Lana Del Rey. Additionally, she is slated to perform at Breaking Sound in LA, following her successful showcases at Canadian Music Week in Toronto and the prestigious showcase festival New Skool Rules in Rotterdam. Each of these performances promises to bring her electrifying music to a broader audience, further establishing her as a global force in the music industry.

With 'Not Free', Isabelle Veser continues to push the boundaries of electronic music, creating tracks that are not only meant to be danced to but also felt deeply. Keep an eye on this rising star as she brings her captivating sounds to audiences around the globe.

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