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House of Weirdos – ‘Where Is Your Hero?’

  • 2 min read

It wasn’t too long ago that House of Weirdo’s were gracing our pages with the release of ‘Help Me Doctor, Please’, in fact, it's only been a week since we last heard from the talented four-piece. Usually, that sort of quick turnaround would have feelings of déjà vu surfacing, but on this occasion, the band have a little trick up their sleeve.

Usually, you can rely on Tom Pressano, Dan Gamma, Bobby Fonti and Apollo to deliver a fun-filled balance of hearty rock vibes and rollicking tongue-in-cheek banter, but for their new single, they’ve decided to turn over a more serious leaf, shaking off their image as rock’n’roll funny men, and instead, delivering the poignant and impressive, ‘Where Is Your Hero?’.

The shift in tone is noticeable almost immediately on the new single, with the usually vibrant arrangements paired down and replaced with a heavy, rolling bassline and sparse, almost-grungy instrumentals. As frontman Tom Pressano, adorned in his signature top hat takes centre stage, his vocals are similarly dark, fitting into the band’s fresh take on post-punk revival. As the song continues, House of Weirdos deliver a brilliant change of pace, shifting their sound towards more sonic tunings and semi-industrial sounds that echo with influences of David Bowie and Pixies, perfectly completing the band’s transition into a more serious perspective.

As is tradition with House of Weirdos, the new single calls for a new music video, and they’ve definitely delivered. Set in an old school, the video sees the band in fine form, with snippets of the band performing stitched between scenes of the classroom and wide shots of Tom and the band in front of a wall of television sets.

A welcome change from their usual style, ‘Where Is Your Hero?’ sees House of Weirdos forging a new path, and it fits them to a tee. While we always knew that the band had some real talent beneath all the costumes and nuttiness, their new single proves it beyond any shadow of a doubt.

Check out the new track above and make sure you lend the band your support by following them on their social media pages.

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