Indie Pop Maverick ego n friends Unveils 'are u alone?' Album With Three New Singles

Denver-based indie pop phenom ego n friends is making major waves with his upcoming, highly anticipated debut album 'are u alone?' set to drop on June 11th. Ahead of the release, the artist is treating listeners to three dynamic singles, starting with 'none of your business', which is out now, 'TMJ (That's My Jam)' on May 9th, and 'BIG MISTAKE' due for release on May 27th.

A poignant exploration of growth, reinvention, and self-discovery, 'are u alone?' showcases ego n friends' remarkable versatility. The album effortlessly blends indie ballads with hip-hop beats, organic instrumentation with vibrant synths, and solo explorations alongside collaborative gems. Always at the helm, ego n friends masterfully produced, mixed, and mastered the entire project.

The lead single, 'none of your business', flips the script on traditional breakup narratives. Rather than wallowing in heartbreak, it's a triumphant tale of rebirth. ego n friends cleverly samples his earlier work 'Fall From Heaven', pitching down and chopping up the vocals to create an otherworldly effect. The sonic and lyrical shifts in 'none of your business' serve as a bridge between the artist's musical past and present.

Get ready to groove with the upbeat, funky release 'TMJ (That's My Jam)', featuring acclaimed MC ReSrface. It's a celebratory departure from the introspective indie pop that colours the rest of the album, diving into a fresh alternative rap space. Ego n friends maintains the thread of rebirth with lyrical gems like "I was born twice, now this is my revival."

The final single 'BIG MISTAKE' offers soulful introspection thanks to a collaboration with UMG-signed R&B singer Keenan Trevon. Inspired by a fractured friendship, it explores the complexities of changing perspectives and learning accountability.

'are u alone?' along with the three new singles and the 2023 track 'ibiza', represents ego n friends' sonic self-discovery. As he boldly declares on "none of your business," "Imma stage dive on your small town," the artist is poised to disrupt and transcend the boundaries of local music scenes - his talent commands a global stage.

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