ELDR Unveils the Haunting 'Deer Skin', An Intimate Single That Exposes Coercive Relationships

Critically acclaimed artist and composer ELDR returns with her powerful and evocative new single 'Deer Skin'. Building on the momentum of her 2022 EP 'Höly Stranger', the new single and music video perfectly showcases ELDR's depth as a songwriter and cinematic storyteller.

An award-winning film composer with scores for the BBC, Sky Arts, BFI, and Film4, ELDR expertly blends haunting soundscapes with deep impactful lyrics on 'Deer Skin'. A haunting release that lingers with you for days at a time, 'Deer Skin' dives into the heart and hardships of coercive relationships. "'Deer Skin' paints the tale of being in a coercive and psychologically abusive relationship – something I've experienced personally," EDLR reveals. "What can be confusing are the parallel sensations of love and fear. The somewhat alluring power dynamic constantly at play makes you feel like a deer being hunted and teased."

Built on waves of hypnotic rhythms, whispered vocals, and gently plucked textures, 'Deer Skin' creates a chillingly beautiful atmosphere. For the song, ELDR has collaborated with long-term partner, and Norwegian hip-hop producer Knut Jonas Sellevold, along with Andy Aquarius's earthy harp and delicate guitar that add an undeniable weight to the piece. References to Portishead, Bjork, and Joanna Newsom are evident in the song's evocative depth, with every moment crafted to evoke an emotional response.

Along with the release of the single, Philip James McGoldrick directed the accompanying music video, shot in stark black and white by Luciana Riso. Choreographed by Alex Kamienski and starring Modest Mulenga, the video unfolds as a raw movement piece. It confronts not only themes of abuse but also delves into systemic racism and historic injustice. Produced by Elderton's EMC Productions in association with Cooke Lenses, the video is an unflinching, powerful work of art.

With 'Deer Skin', ELDR confirms her status as an artist to watch, offering listeners a compelling blend of sonic artistry and unflinchingly personal storytelling.

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