Into The Current - 'Enjoy The Ride'

Last month Cleveland-based rock band cut us all to the quick with the release of their debut 'Out Of Reach', a heavy hitting track that combined decades of experience with a classic rock 'n' roll edge. Now, the talented five-piece are back in the spotlight, championing a new, but equally potent second single, 'Enjoy The Ride'.

Released earlier this month, and currently available on all major streaming platforms, the new single is an undeniable foot-stomper, lashing out with a fierce tempest of driving bass lines, thunderous percussion, and devastating guitar work. As with their debit single, drummer Gary Skiba was kind enough to share a few extra words about the track, capturing its essence by saying, "with a Bass line by Dave DeWalt that drives the song with low end flow and punch, dual lead parts that will have you reaching for the volume knob, by Scott Metelko and Rick Koeth and the lead vocal by Dan Gallagher is nothing but power!"

He continued, "We were in the studio taking a break and discussing, of all things, Covid, and wondering how many people felt like they had missed out on making some memories when Scotty played the lick that made all of us run back to our instruments, and 'Enjoy The Ride' happened. Dan and I wrote the lyrics and eventually Chris Skiba did the video for the song."

Comprised of five Northeast Ohio natives who have been playing music for most of their lives, Into The Current have set a brilliant standard with their debut single, delivering a sound that is befitting their years of experience. Lashing out with a sound that will bring you right back to the classic rock music of the 1970’s and 1980’s, 'Out Of Reach' comes crashing down with timeless anthemics, melodic guitar riffs, and plenty of passion, outlining the story of a relationship that can’t quite get to the next level.

From start to finish, Out of Reach showcases a group of musicians with seasoned talent, passion for music, and a love for classic rock and roll. “We just want people to have a good time when they listen to our music,” said Skiba. “We’re not trying to be new and hip, and we certainly don’t have any gimmicks in our tunes. We’re just a bunch of old guys who still love playing and writing good songs.”

Into The Current is currently recording new music in The Remnant Room studio in Chardon and will be playing at local venues this summer, including a benefit concert with proceeds going towards supporting foster children in the area.

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