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Majestic Souls - ‘Whiskey Shot’

  • 2 min read

An undeniably talented artist known simply by their moniker, Majestic Souls is a pianist and music producer with a penchant for playful piano melodies and bold, jazzy energy. Based in Honduras, Majestic Souls has been increasing their reach of late, creating an impressive impact through singles like ‘Whiskey Shot’.

A song that forms through a wonderful free-flowing energy and improvised style, ‘Whiskey Shot’ is a truly hybrid release, refusing to stay to one style or sound throughout its run. Cloaked in smoky atmospherics that hark back to dimly lit jazz bars, the track delves into modern swing stylings, buzzing electronic sounds, and a seamless blend of acoustic and digital tones. Taking inspiration from artists such as Jules Gaia, Jamie Berry, and Caravan Palace, Majestic Souls latest track will keep every listener thoroughly entertained.

Speaking openly about the track with us, Majestic Souls explained, "When initially working on this release I first improvised with some playful piano melodies. I soon ended with that jazzy feel from the piano and decided to develop a whole track from it. When hearing my original melody I felt like in a bar hearing a jazz band playing so I decided to build the rest of the song with that atmosphere in mind. I then wanted to make it into an electro-swing track because it combines my love for piano/acoustic and electronic music."

Available now, 'Whiskey Shot’ has become something of an instant sensation, gaining speed and views on YouTube in brilliant form. You can stream the full single below.

A rising music producer and pianist that delves into various genres, Majestic Souls has been impressing fans and critics alike with their bold, hybrid sounds. Dating back to 2020 and debut single ‘Not A Synthwave’, Majestic Souls has continued to evolve, creating impressive soundscapes and playful melodies will have you enchanted.

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