The StrangerS - ‘Bones’

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Born from the creative mind of musical and songwriter Mad MahuLL, The StrangerS have become one of those rare and under-appreciated projects that desperately deserves more attention. Armed with a dynamic sound and widely collaborative spirit, they have a knack for bringing together skilled musicians from all around the world, joining forces to create meaningful, passionate, and memorable music.

Recently, the band shared their latest visceral single 'Bones', delivering an undeniable sound that stands as a perfect introduction to their wild, creative world. Following on from celebrated singles like 'Freeway' and 'Last Night In Vegas', the new single is a straight shot of classic songwriting, clever arranging, and captivating sounds, stringing together a medley of rapturous rock elements.

Captivating listeners from the very first note, 'Bones' delivers a flurry of impeccable guitar riffs, powerful percussion, and glistening synth tones, setting the foundation for the vocals perfectly. Both warm and deeply soulful, the vocals add an extra evocative touch to the song, ensuring it not only sticks in your mind, but your heart as well.

After releasing their debut single ‘Monie Got Me Waiting’ in 2021, The StrangerS have continued to impress fans and critics alike, carving out their own impressive path through the music world with consistently impressive releases.

At its very core, 'Bones' is an exceptional track that will appeal to any fans of the hard rock scene. A classic in the making, it will be a firm favourite for years to come, and hopefully, lead to that long awaited album.

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