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Jordan Clark – ‘Love Me Not’

  • 2 min read

A talented up-and-coming actor and social media personality, Jordan Clark has talent to spare. Best known for his role as Jerome's Supervisor in the 2018 award-winning documentary ‘Screwball’, Jordan has also become a popular face on TikTok where he has accumulated over 140,000 followers to date. Now though, Jordan has his sights set on another milestone, releasing his debut single, ‘Love Me Not’.

Growing up, Jordan lived with his family in Pembroke Pines, Florida, where he first found his passion for music and acting. While he’s already proved himself to be a talented actor, Jordan’s debut release showcases his musical abilities, delivering a heartfelt rap anthem that outlines all too relatable struggles with mental health and self-image, particularly for the younger generations who are bombarded with the idea of ‘better lives’ on social media.

Speaking candidly about the song, Jordan explained, “I’ve always had a passion for music. This is my first song and I have more to come. Writing music is my therapy. You know, many of my friends struggle with mental health and just the daily stress of being teens. ‘Love Me Not’ was my outlet to cope when I was struggling with being able to tell who was really there for me or just using me for followers or likes. Social media messes with us. It’s crazy how many of my friends are ADHD, depressed, anxious, and on medication. I wanted to write something for us.”

A wonderfully relatable release, ‘Love Me Not’ perfectly captures Jordan’s character and sense of self, developing his style and passion into a song that is destined to help those who are struggling. Alongside the release of the single, Jordan has also shared the official music video, which sees his twin passions of music and acting collide. Check it out below.

With more music to come, and a growing audience online, Jordan is a true creative force in the making, and we can’t wait to see what he’s going to do next. For more, be sure you check out Jordan’s TikTok page, where he regularly shares posts lip-syncing, dancing, and short-acting videos with his friends and family.

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