Kathrine Jackie - ‘Gunpowder’

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An artist who recently blew us away with the release of her electrifying country-pop anthem of ‘Ride ‘Em Out’, Kathrine Jackie has shared a scorching new single that is sure to make the Southern star a national name. Titled ‘Gunpowder’, the new single is an explosive and wonderfully uncompromising track that is as scintillating as it is evocative.

Styled as ‘a rollercoaster ride through the depths of the human mind’, the new track is another powerful slice of Kathrine’s signature sound layered perfectly with some raucous tock undertones. A powerful release that touches upon struggles with mental health and the “eternal battle we all face with our inner demons and self-consciousness,” ‘Gunpowder’ pulls no punches, lashing out with a captivating sound that will leave you breathless.

Trained by the legendary Judith Fredericks of Opera New York, and armed with a raw and rebellious sound that is spiked with elements of Southern rock, grit, and country, Kathrine has become a true force in music. Fearlessly embracing her roots, and infusing her music with an undeniably rebellious spirit that sets her apart from the rest, Kathrine has become an undeniable artist to watch.

With her latest single, Kathrine invites you to step into her rebellious world, delivering a track that is filled with unbridled passion and extraordinary talent to transcend musical boundaries. You can stream ‘Gunpowder’ now on all major platforms, along with the official lyric video below.

Perfectly illustrating Kathrine’s sound and spirit, ‘Gunpowder’ sees the talented young artist carving out another powerful chapter in her musical journey, and we can’t wait to see what will come next. For more brilliant songs from Kathrine, be sure to check out Kathrine’s social media pages below.

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