Kaya Hoax Drops Explosive New Single 'Kicker' Ahead of EP Release

Montreal's rising star Kaya Hoax is set to ignite the music scene with the release of her highly anticipated debut EP, 'Baby Gear', tomorrow. Today, she unleashes her latest single, 'Kicker', a sonic explosion of chopped samples, hypnotic percussion, and colossal 808s.

Described as an "incendiary" performer by CULT magazine, Hoax has been making waves in Quebec with her unique blend of hip hop, experimental pop, and influences from UK grime, dancehall, and punk. Her music is a high-energy cocktail of mischief and passive indignation, oscillating between fierce declarations of independence and raw vulnerability.

'Kicker', the latest offering from 'Baby Gear', is built around a foundation of chopped fragments from an earlier version of the song. Hoax describes the layered handclaps as a "warped attempt at flamenco palmas." Squelching synths and gooey samples dart through the mix as Hoax's verses dance between playful dismissal and fierce proclamations of self-reliance.

Speaking about the inspiration behind 'Kicker', Kaya explains, "I was drawing from conversations with women who all shared the same experience as me; being overly concerned with the needs of others and deprioritizing their own. I was fed up with being trapped in the role of caregiver. I wanted to flourish and not be held back by my tendency to nurture." The chorus, she reveals, was inspired by an interrogation transcript between a sneering police officer and a sexual assault survivor.

With its hyperactive hooks, infectious bass lines, and earworm melodies, 'Baby Gear' promises to be a distinctive collection of digital bangers, solidifying Kaya Hoax's position as a trailblazing force in the irreverent femme music scene.

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