Laura Ashley – ‘Fight A Memory’

A little while ago, we met the lovely and talented Laura Ashley, a country-pop singer and songwriter who was busily making her mark with the brilliant ‘Summer Never Ends’. It was a gorgeous, sun-kissed song that perfectly illustrated her modern take on a timeless genre, and it was practically overflowing with charm. Today, we’re taking a step back to where it all began, shining a light on her equally enchanting debut, ‘Fight A Memory’.

The first enchanting glimpse of Laura’s emotive, modern pop sound, ‘Fight A Memory’ is powerful, cathartic, and undeniably relatable, showcasing her emotional range with a lavish, authentic sound that comes right from the heart. Released officially on March 19th this year, Laura’s debut is everything that we’ve come to love about her sound, offering strong, sweet vocals, engaging lyrics, and a timeless sound that will linger long after it ends.

Speaking openly about the single when it was first released, Laura revealed, “This song that I wrote is meant to bring to the forefront how challenging it can be to overcome a painful memory.” She continued, “For something that is all mental it feels so debilitating at times. Sometimes with life’s challenges, there isn’t any closure but it’s important to know that you’re not alone and that healing is messy and time-consuming…and that’s okay!”

Alongside her debut, Laura also revealed a stunning music video which is a perfect, emotionally charged accompaniment to the song. Directed and edited by Kimberly Nail, and featuring Laura breaking away from her past, it’s an unmissable musical journey.

Born and raised in Rogersville, Missouri, Laura moved to Nashville in 2020 to pursue her dream of making music full-time. After years of vocal training, Laura’s love and passion for music really took flight when she was chosen as the winner in the Dolly Parton #JoleneChallenge, and ever since she has gone from strength to strength.

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