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Maria Rago & Laura Gómez - ‘Memories’

  • 2 min read

A new release that perfectly joins the talents of two impressive artists, ‘Memories’ is a breathtaking introduction to the accomplished, award-winning Italian pianist and composer Maria Rago, and award-winning soprano vocalist, Laura Gómez. Taken from the new album ‘Lady M’, the single is a captivating release wrapped in tactile waves of nostalgia.

A release that conjures up emotions within every listener, ‘Memories’ is a stirring release from the gifted pairing, highlighting the most immersive elements of their individual talents. Composed thoughtfully by Maria, it’s a release that finds its footing in sweeping touches and deep, mixed emotions, carrying a heavy and wonderfully evocative sound that assembles itself through carefully curated arrangements.

With the foundation set by Maria’s gorgeous composition, Laura does a brilliant job of instilling her heart and soul into the piece, delivering an absolutely breathtaking vocal performance that will stay with you long after the song has finished. Together, Maria and Laura have greeted something truly magical, creating a stunning musical soundscape that shines with effortless beauty, grace and wonder.

Adding to the touching piece, Maria has also shared a brilliant video to accompany the song, which you can stream below. Alongside the video, she has also shared some touching words, saying, “We call memories those little pieces of love that are projected beyond time and in which our name is engraved, forever.”

A magnificent tribute to classical music’s timeless allure, ‘Memories’ is an exceptional piece of art that joins Laura’s enchanting soprano vocals with delicate orchestration and unyielding ethereal quality. For more from Maria, including another emotional collaboration with Laura, be sure to check out her website and social media pages below.

‘Memories’ appears on Maria’s new album ‘Lady M – Day of a Hundred Candles’, which is available now.

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