Nick Marzock – ‘Still Be Missing You’

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If you’ve found yourself searching for the male talent to complement Adele and Taylor Swift’s unique, emotive vibes, then your search might well be over thanks to rising talent Nick Marzock. The third single from the incredibly talented singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, ‘Still Be Missing You’ arrives as the ultimate cathartic experience.

As Nick explained, “This song was written during the stage of a breakup where it feels like no matter how much time goes by, that person will always be a piece of you that is missing. Friends always give the cliche lines, saying how it is for the better and it will get easier in time, etc, but there is no great sound bite that makes you feel better for more than five minutes before just one stray thought can derail your optimism. “

“I documented the little moments to capture in the lyrics: the quiet of your room, trying to talk yourself into seeing the big picture, staying off of social media to avoid seeing them, and the gut-wrenching feeling that despite what you do, they won’t be there when you wake up.”

He continued, “Musically, I wanted this song to feel intimate and small, but also have moments of large spaces. It starts with just me singing at a piano, which puts my voice and everything I’m feeling right in front of the listener’s ear. Then the swells of strings and vocals in the choruses give a massive depth of field that suddenly make me feel small, really playing with the emotions that people feel in these times.”

“When I was tracking the vocals, I recorded them around 3 am after a few drinks to allow the vulnerability to come out when I was singing. I didn’t plan to tear up and have my voice break in moments, but that’s what came out and I kept it because it was the most authentic version.”

The album title ‘Disengage’ is a double entendre inspired by the abrupt and painful end of a relationship (right before the pandemic) with his then-fiance. Following the breakup, Nick spent many months in isolation creating ideas and documenting thoughts and experiences for very raw and relatable lyrical and melodic ideas. The songs have great dynamic range, scaling from fun and driving alternative hits to emotionally gutting piano performance pieces while maintaining his distinct soulful sound.

Wearing almost all of the hats from conception to the finalized tracks, Marzock wrote, produced, and was the sole instrumentalist for the majority of the album, highlighting his incredible talent and deep, meaningful vision as an artist: “This project is the culmination of all my training and expertise in music, coupled with a tumultuous situation that has yielded an album that I am very proud to release to the world.”

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