Ashley Kutcher - 'The Night You Left'

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Rising pop star Ashley Kutcher has recently unveiled her stunning new track 'The Night You Left' along with an equally engaging new video, available now via Darkroom and Interscope Records. In this track, Ashley’s vocal melodies combined with the emotions she poured into the track brings us into her heartbreaking bittersweet story and wishes it ended differently.

A gorgeous new piece, 'The Night You Left' follows Ashley’s previous releases, confessional track 'Favorite What If' and her seminal love letter to the haters 'Fake Bitches', which we covered previously on our website. Both tracks combined have amassed over 5 million global streams across platforms, since its releases earlier this year. Ashley has also received multiple coverages from BBC Radio 1 throughout her musical career, and her first live TV performance on Canada’s Breakfast Television in June this year. 

“I don’t remember the day that you walked into my life, but I’ll always clearly remember the night you walked out of it,” said Ashley. “This song embodies all the emotions I felt when I knew it was over.”

Ashley’s breakout song, 'Love You From A Distance' has amassed over 66 million streams combined, and received key playlists on Spotify on Pop Rising, Fresh & Chill, Alone Again, and Pop Sauce. 

The Baltimore native ticks all the boxes. With 171,000 TikTok followers under her belt, a stunning voice, authenticity, a nursing degree behind her name, and she is currently putting all her focus and songwriting skills on her debut EP, which is scheduled to be released later this year on Darkroom/Interscope. 

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