Order of Owls confront their demons and the stigma around mental health with ‘What Becomes’

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An undeniably impressive band from Melbourne, Order of Owls have been riding a wave of acclaim from publications like Happy Mag, Sounds of Oz, and Thoughts Words Actions, carving out a thrilling alt-rock sound. Building upon the melodic foundations of singles like ‘Freedom(ination)’ and ‘Speak Up’, the band have shared a titanic new single in ‘What Becomes’.

A single that has a heavy focus on breaking down the negative stigma surrounding mental health, ‘What Becomes’ sees the band blending sharp, sonically charged metal sounds with harsh grunge elements and a sting of classic punk anthemics. Dipping into a broad range of styles, Order of Owls perfectly enhance their signature alt-rock sound, laying a stunning foundation for frontman Tim Leopold’s vocals and introspective lyrics.

Alongside the raucous instrumentation, the band are joined by Jake Webber who delivers a massive guitar solo and makes the band’s first collaborative a brilliant one. There’s an infectious, frenetic energy that courses through the whole track, making it an unforgettable listening experience.

Alongside the release of ‘What Becomes’, Order of Owls have also shared an official music video for the track, which was filmed at Aradale Lunatic Asylum, the most haunted place in Australia. Armed with barely enough resources, what was achieved visually with ‘What Becomes’ was far beyond expectations.

Speaking about the video, Nathan Mesiti of the band shared, “The first thing I was told when I turned up to the shoot was that the site didn’t have power, I couldn’t help but laugh. Luckily, we were somewhat prepared for this situation and managed to squeeze enough out of a little petrol generator and Ramon’s van with an inverter. I really do mean squeeze. The generator kept cutting out and struggled to run the haze machine at half power with the lights. That made for a lot of fun when we lost the daylight and struggled through the dining hall shoots, plunging us into complete darkness every 20 minutes. When you’re in rural Australia and the light pollution is non-existent, that particular darkness was unsettling.”

A stunning release that sets the band apart from the rest of Australia’s alt-rock scene, ‘What Becomes’ is another dark and captivating cut that sees them reaching new heights.

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