Bunch Of Grapes offer solace and reassurance in their touching new video ‘You're Still Here’

A Dutch songwriting and production duo known for their distinct sound, emotive vocals, and collaborative spirit, Bunch Of Grapes have recently shared their new video for ‘You’re Still Here’. A touching release that offers solace and reassurance to those navigating life’s challenges, the track “is a touching tribute to the lasting impact of cherished individuals in our hearts.”

Heartfelt and simple with raw, indie-folk roots, ‘You’re Still Here’ follows a simple melodic rise, slowly evolving as it moves towards a quicker pace and soft, sentimental hooks. Simple piano chords flow, evoking a sense of dissonance, while the duo effortlessly explores the pain of losing a loved one. Packed with emotion, the song is melancholic, yet optimistic, transcending boundaries and speaking to the heart of every listener.

Bunch Of Grapes are known for their distinct sound, often merging their musical expertise with diverse voices, creating a fusion of melodies that transcends borders. On the new single, they work with Australian upcoming singer-songwriter Heath Lancaster, creating a unique blend of Dutch and Australian musical influences.

Along with the release of the single, Bunch Of Grapes have also shared a cinematic video which features touching black-and-white scenes that remind us to appreciate the here and now. You can watch the full video above via YouTube.

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