P.Candi - ‘Disrespectful’

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A talented artist and unyielding trendsetter, P.Candi is the type of artist who lets their music do the talking. With a keen sound and a sharp style that sets them apart from the mainstream, P. Candi has become a truly impressive force in modern music, creating modern tracks that don’t conform to current trends, but set the standard that everyone will soon be following. With the recent release of her acclaimed album ‘Edibles III’, P.Candi is championing a bold new style, a lead single ‘Disrespectful’ stands firm as the archetype.

A bold track about maintaining your self-respect, ‘Disrespectful’ cuts you to the quick every time, delivering a rampant new sound that is born from relentless beats, glitching audio snippets, and a string of powerful vocals. An incredibly impassioned release, ‘Disrespectful’ is P.Candi firing on all cylinders and pushing to create something great.

Available now on all major streaming platforms, ‘Disrespectful’ pushes fans to never compromise or settle, and to constantly strive for what they want. Speaking openly about the lyrics, P.Candi also explained the clever double meaning within the track, adding, “I also like to leave a lot to fan interpretation; how they felt listening to the song and what they took away from the lyrics.”

Adding to the electrifying image that surrounds P.Candi’s music, they continued, “I’d rather you be more interested in the music than me. Hoping to give you a song that elevates your thinking, ego, and financial status.” P.Candi continued, “Only relationship I rap about is to the racks. I don't rap about the same thing as mainstream. Boss up music - I wish everyone that enjoys it wealth and prosperity.“

An undeniable introduction to P.Candi, and a brilliant illustration of their sound, ‘Disrespectful’ and the entire ‘Edibles III’ project stand as important milestones in the talented artist’s career. A breakthrough moment, and a truly authentic listening experience, both releases have the power to make P.Candi a truly national name. 

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