Poland’s klaud delivers a soulful debut with the brilliant ‘mad king’

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A young artist who is quickly being heralded as a visionary in his home country of Poland, the eighteen-year-old klaud has made his mark with the brilliant ‘mad king’. Now based in the UK, klaud has shown a unique talent for crafting vibrant musical tapestries, and his debut single is everything we could have expected and more, delivering an introspective and electronically infused anthem that sets the stage for klaud’s promising career.

A sharp debut release filled with grounded melodic tones and poignant lyrics, ‘mad king’ sees klaud waging war against his demons, delving into the darkness of his depressive moments and bravely presenting them to the world. With the release of ‘mad king’, klaud beckons you to share your own stories, creating a tapestry where every thread is a testament to the beauty of resilience and the transformative power of art.

Speaking about the release, klaud shared on his Facebook page, “This song reflects what I’ve been going through and what it feels like to battle depression based on my experience.”

Beyond the beats and harmonies of his music, klaud aspires to cultivate a community bound by shared experiences. His ambition extends beyond fame; with the young artist viewing his music as a call for empathy and a plea for understanding. 

In an era dominated by the grandiose, klaud remains grounded, reminding us ‘that every towering oak starts as a fragile seed’. As klaud unveils the chapters of his life through music, he extends an invitation, to become not just a listener but a participant in a collective narrative.

Born into the embrace of a small Polish city, klaud's journey has been a symphony of resilience and self-discovery. As an artist, klaud draws inspiration from the very essence of life, weaving his compositions with threads spun from the fabric of his own experiences.

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